Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance

Event Owners

Share information about your organization, your sport(s) and your events with 50+ cities interested in learning more about what it takes to host one of your events. If you have a current event out for bid, you may review the requirements for that event and what you look for in a host city (typically 10-15 minute presentation). We also leave some time at the end for Q&A. Webinars only take about 30 minutes.

Whether your organization currently have events available for bid or not, webinars are a wonderful way to lay the foundation for future discussions with cities who are qualified to host your events.

Schedule a Webinar

To schedule your webinar, contact Madison Fante at or 513.693.4809.


Quickly gather information about an event event owner, their events, and requirements to bid on and/or host events. Ask questions about an RFP or general requirements to see if your organization meets the qualifications outlined by the event owner.


Registration Fee: Free (NASC members); $25 (non-members)

To register, contact Brad Bellissimo, Member Services Manager, at 513.842.8307 or


Event Webinars are available for one year following the live presentation.

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