Four steps in creating a successful activation

 Posted on: February 25 2019
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Want to create a successful sports event or tournament? If so, you’re going to need great sponsors which means a great sponsorship activation plan. The first problem with many people is they don’t truly grasp what sponsorship activation is. For many, they believe simply putting a logo on a banner or poster is considered a successful sponsorship activation. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

In The Secret to Successful Activation blog, Eventbrite says activation “is where audience goals and sponsor goals come together in a way that achieves the outcomes of both parties.” Once you’ve successfully obtained a sponsor, now comes the activation.

Eventbrite says it all starts with understanding what your audience wants along with what they don’t want. To do this, ask them questions- what do they love about your program or event? What didn’t they like? After collecting feedback, talk with your sponsors about the responses. Have they received this before? Do they have any solutions which have worked in the past?

After revisiting the desired outcomes of this sponsorship relationship, create an opportunity that solves a problem for you audience or gives them more of something they love, while attaching your sponsor’s goal outcomes to that opportunity. Eventbrite suggests if your audience wants networking opportunities, then work with your sponsor to create a networking space and maybe a contest to encourage people to attend.

The best thing to do is understand what everyone is trying to achieve.  Whether it’s the audience or the actual sponsor, they’re both important and both drive the event or tournament you’re planning. So make sure you ensure that each team member knows the task that needs to get done and does there job.


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