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The Importance of Attending Education Sessions at NASC Symposium

 Posted on: February 19 2018   Posted by: Mike Price, CSEE
I often think about the phrase “learn something new every day”. I think about it because I realize I don’t commit enough time to learning or growing professionally. If you think about it, learning is really unavoidable. I mean, every encounter, interaction and experience has a takeaway, but how often do we take time to reflect and realize the lesson learned? I’d like to say I do so every time, but let’s be real! My life, like I imagine most, feels like one distraction after another. This is not a complaint. I love my life, personally and professionally. But I really wish I was better about taking the time to learn and advance my professional skill set. I imagine others feel this way as well. Every spring I attend the NASC Symposium and while I enjoy interacting with clients at appointments, that is actually near the bottom of my satisfaction list. I have just as meaningful interactions outside the appointments as I do during. I understand many people at...

NASC Awards Submissions Due Friday, March 9, at 11:59 PM PT! 

 Posted on: February 12 2018
The NASC Awards submission deadline is Friday, March 9, at 11:59 PM PT!  Have you considered submitting your organization for consideration? Enter a submission. To persuade some of you, I decided to chat with a past winner, Jon Lugbill, Executive Director of Sports Backers, to get some advice. Jon and his organization have won eight awards: four-time winner of the Large Market Sports Commission of the Year; two-time winner of the Newly Created Event; an award recognizing their marketing and an award for website design. Jon had the following to say on the added value these types of awards bring to an organization and elements that organizations can highlight in their submissions.  Firstly, Jon spoke about the importance of knowing your audience. The judges are people within the industry that want to learn or gain some type of insight into another organization’s best practices.  Be sure to consider the ‘why?’ of the information that you are...

Twelve (12) Questions Every CVB/Sports Commission Should Be Prepared to Answer

 Posted on: February 12 2018   Posted by: Don Flynn, V.P. Business Development of GameDayUSA
A new event organizer is visiting your city/community to do a site-visit, review dates and discuss logistics and fees.  These are twelve (12) questions every CVB/Sports Commission should be prepared to answer: 1. What are facility rental fees and is financial support offered for a first time event? Does CVB/Sports Commission have a grant program? Or perhaps assist with securing discounts on facility rental fees? Is there a bonus paid for reaching pre-determined number of room pick-ups? For one year, or longer?  2. Has there been another event organizer/tournament on this particular weekend? If so, why are they no longer hosting an event this weekend?  3. What other large events or festivals are scheduled the same weekend (or week) that might have an effect on hotel availability and getting around the community easily? 4. Is there another established event or tournament, in the same sport, within 60 miles that may be competing against Event Organizer...