April 23 - 26 2018 · Minneapolis, MN
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25th NASC Symposium
Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance

Expanding Your Report Card: From Economic Impact and Room Night Numbers to Value to the Community


Economic impact and room night generation have been the traditional success metrics for sports commissions, CVBs, and DMOs. However, “the numbers” only tell a partial story. The three panelists have extensive experience in building community support, and their success has been built on "expanding their community report card" to include communicating the value of traditional and social media; quantification of charitable giving and philanthropy associated with events; impact of event legacy programs; stimulation of economic development; and, alliances with nonprofit sport organizations. Our intent is to help sport commission and CVB leaders tell their story better by telling it more completely, and in particular, by showing their expansive value to the community that goes well beyond stimulation of the economy within the hospitality community. We have many success stories!

Time & Location:

 Date:Wednesday, March 29
 Time:01:15 PM - 02:15 PM

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 Categories:Destination & Event Services
 Education Type:Industry Professional Development
 Target Audience:Destinations

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