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2018 Symposium

Event Webinars

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Pro Am Beach Soccer
Wednesday October 25th
1:00 p.m. EST
Presented by Tighe O'Sullivan

Tighe O'Sullivan will be discussing Pro Am Beach Soccer's mission statement which is: Everything we do is motivated by shared values that we live by as a company and as individuals. We are committed to: Bringing Diverse Communities Together Bringing Moments of Joy & Excitement to all Creating the possibility of having the Best in People Shine Creating events which are Green and have Low Environmental Impact Nurturing our Partnerships & Relationships.  He will also be talking about RFP's they've used in the past.  

There will be time at the end of the presentation for questions. If you're unable to join the live webinar, you can view the webinar recording from our Webinar Archives.

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Event Owners

Share information about your organization, your sport(s) and your events with 50+ cities interested in learning more about what it takes to host one of your events.  If you have a current event out for bid, you may review the requirements for that event and what you look for in a host city (typically 10-15 minute presentation).  We also leave some time at the end for Q&A.  Webinars only take about 30 minutes.  

Whether your organization currently have events available for bid or not, webinars are a wonderful way to lay the foundation for future discussions with cities who are qualified to host your events.

"The NASC event webinar series and format was exactly what we needed! From sharing and marketing our webinar to facilitating the session, the NASC provided a tremendous resource for us to promote our upcoming site selection process. Even more, the whole session was recorded and made available to others following the event. The resource is a tremendous value and opportunity for rights holders within the NASC and we plan to use it even more!" Jeff Jarnecke, NCAA Associate Director of Championships and Alliances.  

Schedule a Webinar

To schedule your webinar, contact Elizabeth Young, Director of Membership & Marketing, at 513.281.3888 or Elizabeth@SportsCommissions.org.


Quickly gather information about an event event owner, their events, and requirements to bid on and/or host events.  Ask questions about an RFP or general requirements to see if your organization meets the qualifications outlined by the event owner.

Registration Fee: Free (NASC members); $25 (non-members)


Event Webinars are available for one year following the live presentation. View archives.
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