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Register Now for Upcoming Event Webinar - USA Curling

 October 27 2016
Upcoming Event Webinar - Register Now November 2, 2016 Check out our upcoming event webinar, below and reserve your spot today! USA Curling Wednesday, November 2 2016 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. EST Presented by Mike Dellemann Register Now! Join Michael Dellemann from USA Curling as he discusses the 2018 Olympic Trials for Mixed Doubles Curling and the 2018 Curling Night in America RFP’s.  Both of these events will be featured on NBC Sports, and Curling Night in America, in its third year, has already gained a strong following, reaching nearly 2 million views last year.  There will be time at the end of the presentation for questions. If you are unable to join us on Novem...

Variety Is the Spice

 October 27 2016
At the October NASC Market Segment Meetings, a lot of the talk among attendees was focused on keeping kids involved in sports. As we’ve noted, by the time young athletes hit early high school, participation drops dramatically and with an organization like NASC, kids playing sports is vital to keeping the organization, and the industry, growing.  A recent article on ESPNW takes the youth sports discussion one step further—why you want your young athlete to be involved in multiple sports in this day and age of sport specialization. The author, sports reporter (and sports mom) Michelle Smith, gives five reasons why it’s good for kids to play several sports, including f...

Why I became an NASC Mentor

 October 18 2016
Seven years ago I was hired as the Sports Market Sales Account Executive. I was straight out of college and had a lot to learn! NASC was the first trade show I attended and I was a little nervous about attending my first sports trade show for many reasons: I wouldn’t know anyone, I didn’t know what kinds of questions to ask during appointments, how would I choose which educational sessions to attend from all of the options, etc.  I was relieved to find that the NASC membership as a whole are a very friendly and helpful group. I would eat lunch with people I didn’t know and they would be more than willing to offer advice and suggestions. I quickly felt comfortable and ...

A time for community

 October 17 2016
We talk a lot about youth sports and amateur associations here—but let’s digress a bit this week and talk about how professional teams reach out to their communities. The trigger for the discussion is this week’s Hometown Huddle project by the NFL, United Way and others. The annual Hometown Huddle is an NFL/United Way initiative that happens in all NFL markets on the same day, geared toward promoting volunteerism and creating a lasting impression in the community. This year it’s on Tuesday, October 18, when coaches and players will go to a community building, a playground or similar facility and spend the day painting, landscaping and overall making the facility one ...

NASC Hall of Fame and Awards Committee Accepting Entries Now

 October 13 2016
The NASC Awards and Hall of Fame Committee are delighted to announce that they are now accepting submissions for annual awards and the first class of NASC Hall of Fame inductees.  Nominate an Industry Leader to be Inducted into the NASC Hall of Fame First Class of NASC Hall of Fame Inductees to be Recognized at 25th annual NASC Symposium The NASC Hall of Fame Committee was established to honor those who play a vital role in the success and promotion of the NASC. The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to promote the professional management of sporting events and the sport tourism industry as a whole by honoring those individuals who exemplify the values of the NASC in their careers an...

The Importance of being a Community Partner

 October 11 2016
Community partners for you can come in many forms. They could be board members, advisory board members, universities, hoteliers, downtown alliance groups, professional teams, facility owners, volunteers, sponsors, etc. The one thing they need to have in common is the buy into your organization’s mission and vision. With this buy-in, you will be amazed at how much easier it is to understand and navigate political landscapes, fundraise, accomplish organizational goals and take your organization to new heights. Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Most of your community partners’ primary busi...

Caring for the young athlete

 October 10 2016
As a rights holder or event site manager, you are very familiar with the rules and regulations of holding an event, as well as the insurance and liability coverage that you need to follow to make sure the event goes off smoothly. As a matter of course, most events are required to have medical personnel on site, in case of injury. Often, the medical provider will also be listed as a sponsor of the event. But how do you know that the medical personnel on hand are the ones who can treat the young athlete? According to a 2014 ESPN sports poll, more than 87 percent of parents worry about their children getting hurt while playing sports. Injuries, from a knee scrape to more serious fractures a...

Do-it-yourself coverage

 October 4 2016
If there is a universal complaint heard from many event organizers, it’s this one: “No one ever comes to cover my event.” You can fill in the blank as to who “no one” is—local newspaper, television stations, etc. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter who that media entity may be. There is a good chance, unless you’re holding a national or state championship or a huge community event (think marathon weekends), the media coverage is more than likely to be sparse. Why is this? The quick answer is, media doesn’t operate the way it used to. The longer answer is, most media outlets have fewer people feeding more media channels. That means w...

Tragedy on the field

 September 26 2016
We talk a lot in this space about the good that youth sports offers our kids, from exercise to discipline to life lessons. But students in northern Ohio were handed one life lesson this past weekend that we wish they didn’t have to learn at such a young age. Andre Jackson, a Euclid (Ohio) High School football player, died Sunday, following injuries he suffered during a Friday night football game. A junior fullback and outside linebacker, Jackson died after he was hurt during the school's game against Solon High School on a special teams play. Euclid High School head football coach Jeff Rotsky said the incident happened during a "completely normal" play. "It was a pooch kick," he sa...

2017 NASC Sports Event Symposium Sponsorship Opportunities

 September 21 2016
Now is your opportunity to position your brand in front of hundreds of serious-minded sport tourism professionals as a 2017 NASC Sports Event Symposium sponsor. To allow for more customization and ensure a high ROI for your company, we have expanded the sponsor categories to help you meet your marketing objectives and budgets.  View the 2017 Prospectus Directly connect with your target audience through a fully integrated marketing and promotional platform designed to help achieve specific business objectives and produce measurable results. The NASC assists sponsors in designing a winning game plan by utilizing specific marketing and promotional assets – before, during, and afte...
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