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Chicago Northwest
2017 NASC Sports Event Symposium in Sacramento, CA

The NASC Team

The staff is available to answer any questions you have.   

Advocacy for Our Members

Staff travels to advocate for our members and tell the story of the importance of sport tourism as well as the impact that our members have on their communities, sports, etc. on a regular basis.

If interested in requesting staff to attend an upcoming meeting in your community, send us a request!

Don Schumacher, CSEE
Executive Director
513.281.3888 x1
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Lori Gamble
Associate Executive Director
513.281.3888 x2
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Elizabeth Young
Director of Membership & Marketing
513.281.3888 x3
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Meagan McCalla
Member Services Manager
513.281.3888 x4
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Jen Beck
Marketing and Communications Intern
513.281.3888 x7
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Chicago Northwest

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