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Peoria Area Convention and Visitor Bureau
2018 Symposium
Name Organization Type Sort Date Edit
Ralph Morton, CSEE Seattle Sports Commission Officer 01/01/1920 12:00 AM
Kindra Fry, CSEE, SMP Bryan-College Station Sports + Events Officer 01/01/1930 12:00 AM
Janna Clark, CSEE Elizabethtown Sports Park Director 01/01/1950 12:00 AM
John David, CSEE USA BMX Director 01/01/1955 12:00 AM
Don Dukemineer, CSEE Huntsville/Madison County CVB Director 04/07/1957 11:14 AM
Matt Dunn, CSEE Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches Director 01/01/1960 12:00 AM
Roy Edmondson, CSEE Visit Anaheim Director 01/01/1965 12:00 AM
Jason Gewirtz SportsTravel Magazine Director 01/01/1966 03:54 PM
Laura Gurreri, CSEE Sport York Director 04/07/1970 11:23 AM
Pete Harvey, CSEE Buffalo Niagara Sports Commission Director 01/01/1975 12:00 AM
Jim Hilb, CSEE Associated Premium Corporation Director 04/07/1980 11:41 AM
William Knox, CSEE Grand Park Director 01/01/1982 03:58 PM
Frank Lett, CSEE Visit Kingsport Director 04/07/1983 11:27 AM
Matt Libber Elite Tournaments Director 04/07/1985 11:43 AM
Kathy Nelson Kansas City Sports Commission Director 01/01/1987 04:10 PM
Ray Palmer, CSEE Pensacola Sports Director 04/07/1988 11:30 AM
Janis Ross, CSEE Eugene, Cascades & Coast Sports Director 01/01/1990 12:00 AM
Janis Schmees Burke, CSEE Harris County - Houston Sports Authority Officer 01/01/1994 12:00 AM
Mike Price, CSEE Greater Lansing Sports Authority Officer 01/01/1995 04:49 PM
Kris Smith, CSEE Detroit Sports Director 01/01/2000 12:00 AM
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