Let’s Rock and Roll at the 4S Summit

 Posted on: October 9 2018
The 4S Summit is headed to Cleveland, OH in a few weeks!  The summit kicks off with a Reception at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A great opportunity to get together with your colleagues, share your stories and enjoy the history of Rock and Roll! The 4S Summit provides an opportunity for all of us to discuss our commonalities. The commonalities could be challenges we are facing or successes that we want to share. My motto “Why recreate the wheel, when I could learn from others’ successes and challenges.” The opportunity to learn from the NASC members is one of the best learning tools at the tip of your fingers. Be ready to learn more on the 4S’s of sports events and tourism: sponsorships, sales, services and strategies. The sports events and tourism industry has many commonalities within these 4S’s. Is your organization focusing on strategies to have the community more engaged with your sports events? Looking to learn new bidding best practices...

First-Time Symposium Attendee Orientation and Networking Reception

 Posted on: April 3 2018
Are you attending the NASC Sports Events Symposium for the first time? Get ready to make some new friends, have fun, and learn a new idea to take back to your community! Are you a first-time attendee or a new NASC member? We invite you to come to the First-Time Orientation and Networking Reception on Monday, April 23rd. The First-Time Orientation is at the Minneapolis Convention Center from 4:30 pm to 5:15 pm. The Reception is at the Brit’s Pub from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm (a short walk from the convention center). Come attend the First- Time Orientation to learn tips and ask questions about the NASC Sports Events Symposium. Meet your mentor so you may put a face to the emails and phone calls. (I am looking forward to meeting my mentees.) The orientation will be a great opportunity to meet new colleagues who will become your friends. We in the sports tourism industry have a lot in common and have lots of fun! The First-Time Networking Reception will be an opportunity to conti...

Women's Summit Set for March 28-30, 2018 in Columbus, OH

 Posted on: December 19 2017

March 28-30, Columbus, OH in conjunction with Women’s Final Four. Developed by top women leaders in the sports events and tourism industry, the inaugural Summit will inspire you to achieve your career goals.

4 Reasons to Earn Your CSEE

 Posted on: December 20 2016
The NASC is the leader in the sport tourism industry when it comes to providing educational opportunities to its members. The Certified Sports Event Certification (CSEE) is the most recognized professional designation in our industry. The program, having been developed in 2002, has continued to evolve as the needs of the NASC members have changed. Sessions have focused on such topics as Media Relations, Hotel Contract Negotiations, Strategic Planning, Coordination of Volunteers, RFPs and the Bidding Process, and Social Media. Online courses were also recently launched to supplement the live courses. As a sport tourism professional, I believe it’s important to continuously keep myself educated on what’s happening in our industry. My primary reasons for earning my CSEE include: 1. Knowledge - The world around us is constantly changing and it’s imperative that for us to do the best jobs we can, that we stay informed. CSEE courses provide us with another source of informa...

Get your foot in the door

 Posted on: November 28 2016
When an acquaintance finds out that you work in the sports industry, there’s a very good chance that his or her first reaction is, “Wow, that’s so cool.” Those of us in sports know that yes, it’s cool, but it’s also a lot of hard work. And it’s not all that easy to break into the business and find the job that you want. You probably talk with school groups or hear from aspiring sports professionals who might drop you an email to ask, “I’d like to do what you’re doing. How do I get in the sports business?” Well, we know that there are probably as many ways to get into the business as there are jobs. But recently Kathryn Smith, the first full-time female coach on an NFL team (Buffalo Bills), talked with writer Lyndsey D’Arcangelo about how she got into the NFL, and her advice for others who want to get into the sports business. Among other things, Smith said, “Get in where you can, and do what you can to ...

NASC Member Mentoring

 Posted on: November 22 2016
Member Mentoring is one of the best services the NASC has to offer for new members/partners to the NASC.   Having been involved with the NASC since 1996, I have seen the NASC transform into one of the strongest association in the tourism industry.  One of the special aspects of the NASC is the Member Mentoring committee.  This committee assists new members to the NASC and helps answer questions, work through issues with event owners or rights holders and helps in creating that fraternity of “been there and done that” so the new member does not feel like they are on an island. One of my best Member Mentoring stories I like to share from time to time happened several years ago.  I was assigned Daniel Rush, Vice President of Global Sports & Event Sales for MGM Resorts in Las Vegas, NV.  Now as first, I am thinking, what do I have to share with the Vice President of Global Sports and Event Sales for MGM Resorts that he has not seen or been thro...

Pay it Forward

 Posted on: November 8 2016
My life has centered around connecting with people. Perhaps it was growing up in the small town of Fairport Harbor, Ohio (where everyone really does know each other) that gave me the love of meeting new people, getting to know them, and staying connected to them.  That fortunate trait has been my greatest personal joy, and has become my greatest professional strength. The business of sport that we are all engaged in as members of the National Association of Sports Commissions is conducted through our personal relationships with people from every facet of our professional world, and when we share our experiences with each other we all benefit. I can still remember the hundreds of hours of benchmarking that it took to launch the Greater Columbus Sports Commission in 2002.  Colleagues (many of whom have now become my friends) from dozens of cities such as Richmond, Orlando, St. Louis and Portland shared their budgets and best practices to help get us off the ground.  I coul...

NASC Market Segment Meetings Provide Staff Growth

 Posted on: November 3 2016
"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." This is a famous Thomas Edison quote from his quest to invent the light bulb. In a way, this quote can be turned around when talking about the Sport Tourism industry to read like this: "This is what we do, but there are 10,000 other ways that will work as well." This was quickly learned on a recent trip to Indianapolis, Indiana for the NASC Market Segment Meetings. Brady Turk and I represented the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission (RASC) and the two of us came away with a substantial amount of information and ideas that we can implement in our organization. The Market Segment Meetings are held annually in different cities across the United States and give Sports Commissions the opportunity to meet with other members in their market to discuss relevant issues and share unique approaches in the industry today. The meetings lasted just a day and a half, but provided non-stop education. Much of the time was spent ...

NASC Hall of Fame and Awards Committee Accepting Entries Now

 Posted on: October 13 2016
The NASC Awards and Hall of Fame Committee are delighted to announce that they are now accepting submissions for annual awards and the first class of NASC Hall of Fame inductees.  Nominate an Industry Leader to be Inducted into the NASC Hall of Fame First Class of NASC Hall of Fame Inductees to be Recognized at 25th annual NASC Symposium The NASC Hall of Fame Committee was established to honor those who play a vital role in the success and promotion of the NASC. The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to promote the professional management of sporting events and the sport tourism industry as a whole by honoring those individuals who exemplify the values of the NASC in their careers and by acknowledging their legacies to provide guidance for future members of the NASC. To be considered, nominations must be received no later than December 1, 2016. Submit a nomination. Direct any questions about the NASC Hall of Fame to Denny Gann, Hall of Fame Committee Chair.  NASC Awards Commit...

Preparing for Your Appointments

 Posted on: September 13 2016
As registration just opened for the 25th annual NASC Sports Event Symposium, it is never too early to start planning for appointments.  Whether you are a rights holder, DMO, sports commission, or vendor, appointments require some level of planning from both an appointment setting and discussion point of view. There is nothing more frustrating than sitting down for an appointment with someone who is unprepared for the meeting. Whether you are a rights holder or a destination, the first thing you need to know going into a trade show with appointment style meetings is “know what you are selling.”  If you are a rights holder this means knowing the type of event, a time frame, and your minimum list of requirements.  If you don’t know what your requirements are, then how are destinations supposed to know if they can accommodate your event?  From the destination side, the DMO/Sports Commission must know its own inventory.  There is no point in meeti...
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