Adaptive and Wheelchair Sports

What we learned at the NASC Sports Event Symposium

 Posted on: April 13 2016
What a week it was in Grand Rapids! We want to thank everyone who attended the 24th NASC Sports Event Symposium. We had a blast and we hope you did too, but we also hope you took something (or many somethings) away from your meetings and networking during the week that will help you now that you’re back in the office. We learned lots during our week in Grand Rapids, including:    You love our educational components. We heard time and time again that you appreciate the educational opportunities that NASC offers, not just at meetings (like the CSEE program) but links and contacts that are available 24/7 on the NASC website. We hope more of you can take advantage of any and all of our opportunities to learn from each other. You recommend NASC to your friends who aren’t members (yet). As NASC membership grows, we’re always looking for ways to reach those who are in the sports tourism business, but who aren’t members of NASC. You told us that you...

Adaptive Sports Means Career Change for Mary Free Bed Athlete

 Posted on: March 28 2016
Editor’s note: Leading up to the NASC Symposium this spring, the NASC is highlighting adaptive sports athletes. The proceeds raised for the 2016 NASC Sports Legacy Fund will go toward offsetting expenses for the Mary Free Bed and Adaptive Sports Wheelchair Tennis program, which provides equipment to individuals who are unable to afford their own. Each month we feature one of the adaptive athletes: This month we feature Valerie Wallace. My name is Valerie Wallace and I am 54 years old, married for 28 years, and have one son. I was involved in a severe car accident in 1980 which left me with both hips broken and dislocated, one ankle broken and dislocated, and an above knee amputation.  Prior to the accident I was very involved with long distance bike riding, speed skating and many outdoor activities. Six months after my accident, they told me that wheelchair ping pong was the only sport really available to me, and I was very disappointed. Then in 1981, I moved back to Gr...