5 Strategies for Perfecting Your Event

 Posted on: March 6 2019
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When you plan an event, there are many hurdles to jump over to make sure your event goes perfectly. With that being said, preparing for these obstacles and going in with a strong strategy to get things done is key. Here are five tips from “MeetingsNet” to help make your event go off without a hitch.

  1. Set clear goals and objectives

While this might sound like an easy task, this task puts your team on the same page. You need to have an initial meeting to decide what the end goal is, how you will reach it, and when you will reach it. In this meeting, you can determine due dates and when check-ins will happen.

     2. Prepare for the “what-if” scenarios

You get one chance to deal with an unexpected situation. MeetingsNet suggests thinking of them early on so you can create a crisis management plan. The plan should have wiggle room for the surprise situations, but should also have something for each team member to work with.  By thinking of them now, these unexpected situations can be knocked out of the park. 

     3. Vet every member of the team

Your team will have different members on it with different skill set or experience levels.  However, you need to check in with every member to make sure they are fully committed.  Making sure that your team is ready to go is vital for when things get harder in the future. You are only as strong as your weakest link, so make sure everyone is committed.

     4. Budget appropriately

Events can cost a pretty penny and different parts might cost more money. Beyond that, different areas of your team might want more money than others. Instead of focusing on the big aspects of the event, make sure that each member has a fair budget so each aspect of the event is set up for success.

     5. Celebrate success

This can happen before, during and after the event. Celebrating mini successes throughout the planning aspect of the event can be the push your team needs to keep their spirits high. After the event, sending handwritten thank you notes to the vendors that come to your event increases their chances of working with you again.

These strategies are incredibly simple, but if followed, can help make your event the best it can possibly be. It will reduce stress all around the table and will help keep you focused throughout the whole process.


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