Twelve (12) Questions Every CVB/Sports Commission Should Be Prepared to Answer

 Posted on: February 12 2018
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A new event organizer is visiting your city/community to do a site-visit, review dates and discuss logistics and fees. 

These are twelve (12) questions every CVB/Sports Commission should be prepared to answer:

1. What are facility rental fees and is financial support offered for a first time event? Does CVB/Sports Commission have a grant program? Or perhaps assist with securing discounts on facility rental fees? Is there a bonus paid for reaching pre-determined number of room pick-ups? For one year, or longer? 

2. Has there been another event organizer/tournament on this particular weekend? If so, why are they no longer hosting an event this weekend? 

3. What other large events or festivals are scheduled the same weekend (or week) that might have an effect on hotel availability and getting around the community easily?

4. Is there another established event or tournament, in the same sport, within 60 miles that may be competing against Event Organizer on desired weekend(s)?

5. What is likelihood of securing same weekend(s) for next year? Next three years? Next five years? 

6. What support can CVB/Sports Commission offer leading up to, during, and after the event? i.e. player swag or social, DJ dance party, coach social, radio or billboard ads, free tickets to waterpark, putt-putt, or host outdoor movie? Does CVB/Sports Commission provide webpage specific for the event listing restaurant discounts, top 5 activities for families and other community amenities?

7. What local social media platforms can be utilized for promotion and for how long? From CVB/Sports Commission, City, Facility Owner, Mayors office, local sponsors?

8. Will a public endorsement of the event be provided by the Mayor, CVB/Sports Commission Exec Director or other notable dignitary? If so, in what medium and how often.

9. Will local hotels work with Event Organizers Hotel Booking company and pay rebates when overnight teams stay at participating hotels? Event would be Stay-To-Play!

10. Does CVB/Sports Commission know a local individual that can hire and supervise local officials/umpires/referees? This individual would be paid for their service by Event Organizer. 

11. Will facility field crew work on wet fields at 3am to prep for 8am games if rain has stopped? This mainly applies to baseball, softball and perhaps soccer and lacrosse.

12. Is Event Organizer allowed to bring in outside Vendors to set-up and sell products?



Don Flynn, V.P. Business Development, GameDay USA 


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