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Why you should attend the 2013 NASC Sports Event Symposium

 Posted on: December 14 2012
As we all know, the only way to succeed in the sports industry is to stay abreast of all of the trends and events available in the market.  Where can you go to be educated on those trends, take advantage of top-notch professional development, meet and network with event owners and have a great experience all at the same time?  I can tell you!  It is the 2013 NASC Sports Event Symposium in Louisville, Kentucky, April 22-25. Here are some simple facts provided by the National Association of Sports Commissions website:      The average attendee meets 47 prospects and generates $400,000 in new business at the NASC Symposium;      95% of attendees recommend the NASC Symposium to a colleague;      88% of attendees state they will likely do business with someone they meet at the NASC Symposium;      92% of attendees rate the NASC Symposium as excellent or good; and      95% of the 2012 attendees are planning to attend the 2013 NASC Symposium. The facts show that the place to be is in Louisv...

How to Make the Most of Your NASC Marketplace Appointments

 Posted on: December 5 2012
Ten minutes…It’s Just The Beginning Ten minutes might not seem like enough time, but it’s amazing how much you can accomplish if you have a plan and are prepared.  I like to look at these appointments as simply an opportunity to connect with an event owner.  If you come prepared for each appointment, you can focus on finding that “connection” during your appointment time.   Below I have listed some helpful hints for making the most of your time.  Most of them are simple and many of you probably already do them, but it’s worth a quick reminder. Do some research Visit their website; talk with colleagues who’ve hosted their events; chat with your locals about the organization; etc. Seek them out After your appointment, find them at one of the many great NASC networking opportunities or sit next to them in an education session. Let them talk! I find most event owners LIKE to talk about their organization and events.  What a better way to learn than directly from the source. Don’t waste the...

Updates to online profiles on NASC website

 Posted on: November 27 2012
In the most recent video blog, Don discusses updates to the NASC website which will allow Active members to add more detailed information about venues to their online profile. The enhancements will allow event owners to search through the member directory by venue type.  This new tool is a valuable one; but it will only be a useful tool to help promote your destination’s facilities and venues if you update your organization’s profile.  The new area of the website that will be available in the coming weeks.

First Time Attendee

 Posted on: November 19 2012
I threw my bags down in my room at the Hilton in Hartford and that was it.  I was there.  After a three-hour drive from Albany NY, I was at the NASC Symposium… So…what now? Far and away my biggest fear going into the Symposium last April was “what now?”  As a Sales Assistant at the CVB, I had no contacts at the Symposium and had never really sold my destination in that capacity.  While I loved sports, my ability to recite ten seasons of Buffalo Bills scores and rosters probably wasn’t going to have much of an impact on anyone. But within a half hour though, none of that mattered. After swinging by the Convention Center to check in at registration, I was heading back to my hotel to get ready for that evening’s welcome reception when I spotted a person walking ahead of me with the same NASC duffel bag that I had slung over my shoulder.  It was when we stopped at a crosswalk that conversation started and continued for the fifteen-minute walk back to the hotel.  It came easy—we were both n...

Importance of Attending the NASC Sports Event Symposium

 Posted on: November 15 2012
I am in my second year as the Sports & Entertainment Sales Manager for VISIT Milwaukee. Prior to me, Sports was not even considered a Major Market. The one thing that VISIT Milwaukee was aware of, was the importance of NASC and attending the Sports Event Symposium. 2012 was my first year attending and my colleagues were right, NASC Sports Event Symposium is by far the best industry event to attend for education. It truly gave me an opportunity to work with my peers and understand how I can help my city grow the Sports market. If you are looking to develop the Sports market, learn how to overcome challenges and share ideas with other cities, the best place to be is the 2013 NASC Sports Event Symposium. MARISSA K. PITROSKI Sports & Entertainment Sales Manager VISIT Milwaukee

Sponsorship Activation – What it Means and Its Importance to All Parties

 Posted on: November 13 2012
Authored by Greg Ayers, President and CEO, Discover Kalamazoo November 2, 2012 Sponsorships are extremely important to the success of sports events, whether it is the Super Bowl or a local youth soccer tournament.  Sports events provide great opportunities for exposure for brands and financial resources for events.  Successful sponsorships benefit both parties – the sponsor and the event. Gone are the days where companies are willing to sponsor sports events of any type and not expect some type of a return on their investment.  For the most part, many companies simply have fewer dollars to invest in sponsorships.  Companies are also much more intelligent and sometimes sophisticated on their analysis of the return on the sponsorship investment. As a result of this change in tide over the past decade or so, never has it been more important for events to completely understand the amenities which can be offered to potential sponsors before meeting with them and to best understand what is i...

What NASC Means To Me

 Posted on: November 13 2012
“I would not have a job in the sports travel industry if it weren’t for the National Association of Sports Commissions!”  This is a pretty strong statement, but true!  I was hired by the Cedar Rapids Area CVB to pursue convention and meeting business.  After experiencing success for several years, our city began losing its share of this market in the late 1990s when our competition began building shiny, new convention centers.   The largest facility Cedar Rapids could offer the meetings market was a hotel connected to a 6000-seat arena.  During this same time period, our city began developing a new minor league baseball stadium, 20-field soccer complex, and ice arena for the benefit of local residents. As I was struggling to adjust to the changing landscape of the meetings market, I became aware of the National Association of Sports Commissions through Denny Gann who was President of the Sioux City Sports Commission, one of NASC’s twelve founding organizations.  He gave a series of se...

Room Block in Louisville

 Posted on: November 1 2012
Every year at the NASC Symposium we have various sessions on how to track hotel pickup.  We all dream of the event where every team stays within their hotel room block and tracking is a breeze. The same can be said of our association’s annual gathering.  We have the opportunity to support NASC by staying at the host hotel (Louisville Marriott Downtown) or the overflow hotel (Hyatt Regency Louisville).  And both hotels are steps from the Kentucky International Convention Center!  Check out the Hotels page on the NASC Symposium website to book your room. See you in Louisville….. Heath Aucoin, CSEE Event Manager/Sports Sales Manager SMG/Jackson Convention Complex

Why It’s Important to Never Burn Bridges

 Posted on: October 25 2012
It may sound cliché, but in this industry especially, you have to be very careful about not burning any bridges with clients or peers.  The longer you stay in this industry, the more you realize that there is a high retention rate amongst the key players.  Some of them stay in the same organization for years, while others may switch companies or go from a supplier to a buyer.  But just remember that a lot of people in this industry aren’t necessarily in it for the money, they’re here because they have a genuine passion for the industry and their unique skills have allowed them to sustain a successful career.  Each of you can probably think of a handful of competitors that you go up against time and again.  It’s worth asking yourself, how well do I treat those rivals?  Do I avoid them or am I cordial and friendly with them?  If that person turned into a potential client someday, would they trust me enough to call me for help? A few years ago I was working for a different CVB, and we mad...

NASC Call for Proposals

 Posted on: October 23 2012
Are you interested at presenting a breakouts session, or know someone who might be, at the upcoming 21st annual NASC Sports Event Symposium, April 22-25, 2013 in Louisville, KY.  If so check out the recently released Call for Proposals form. The 2013 breakouts sessions are being collectively called “Engaging Education Sessions” with the aim of allowing attendees to drive their own learning experience by extracting the collective knowledge from industry experts and the audience.  There will be three sets of four concurrent sessions  (12 sessions in total) and each meeting room will have its own theme: Room 1: Event Management (for example: Local Organizing Committee (LOC); working with municipality, county, state governments; event insurance; contract negotiations; volunteer recruitment, training, recognition; preparing for an event; etc.) Room 2: Sales & Marketing (for example: sponsor development/fulfillment; membership recruitment; media partnerships; ticket sales; marketing plans; ...
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