NASC Sports Event Symposium
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25th NASC Symposium
Peoria Area Convention and Visitor Bureau


NASC - Marketplace Appointments The NASC Sports Marketplace is the longest-running reverse trade show in the sport tourism industry. Destinations, vendors, and event owners participate in appointments to cultivate meaningful relationships and produce measurable ROI. Educational opportunities and other activities are not scheduled during Marketplace hours, so exhibitors have the undivided attention of attendees.

How does it work?

First registered attendees for all NASC member destinations, event owners, and vendor exhibitors may request, accept, decline and rank appointments in the NASC Sports Marketplace. Login to request appointments. Once logged in, go to My Account and select the tab labeled "Marketplace Appointments."

One-On-One Appointments
Think "New Relationship NASC Marketplace"
Each one-on-one, 10-minute appointment offers destinations and vendor exhibitors the opportunity to share information about their community and/or products/services.

Event Overview Appointments
Think "Learning & Listening Marketplace"
Event overview appointments take place at round tables in a separate area of the Sports Marketplace exhibit hall, not at the event owner's booth.  Up to five (5) destinations and/or vendor exhibitors will be seated at a table with one event owner.  The event owner will review what it takes to host their event and may allow a minute or two at the end of the 10-minute appointment for questions.

*First Attendee Registration must be paid in full to access the appointment request portal.

Important Dates

Appointment Participation Deadline
February 16, 2018

One-On-One Appointment Portal Opens
March 1, 2018

One-On-One Appointment Portal Closes
March 23, 2018

EO Appointment Portal Opens
April 2, 2018

EO Appointment Portal Closes
April 6, 2018

Schedules Distributed
April 16, 2018


What is a reverse tradeshow?

A typical reverse tradeshow is where attendees engage with the exhibitors through pre-scheduled meeting appointments. The advantage of a reverse tradeshow is that exhibitors are guaranteed booth traffic during pre-scheduled appointment times rather than simply hoping attendees stop by during open exhibit hours.

Questions? Contact Member Services via email at or call/text 513.842.8307.

J&J Exhibitors is the official exhibitor service provider for the NASC Sports Event Symposium.  Orders for audio visual or other exhibitor service material is not supported or authorized by the NASC.

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