April 23 - 26 2018 · Minneapolis, MN
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25th NASC Symposium
Palm Beach County Sports Commission

How to Impact Your Community by Owning Your Own Events


Leverage your organization’s marketing and event expertise to make a bigger impact on your community while generating additional revenue. Like most sports commissions, the mission of the Kansas City Sports Commission (KCSC) is to drive Kansas City’s overall sports strategy, to enrich the quality of life, create economic impact and raise visibility for our region.  The KCSC delivers on this mission the same way that many sports commissions do, by bringing large regional and national events to our city.

But beyond that, they have found another way to deliver their mission and make a positive impact in the community: owning their own local events through the Kansas City Sports Foundation. They leverage their event expertise and provide opportunities in their community for people to participate in sports locally. Many of these programs are focused in two areas: 1. youth and 2. women and girls. These programs provide opportunities for people to experience the positive benefits of sport as well as create an additional revenue stream for the KCSC through registrations and sponsors.  Local events include free youth sports clinics, a kids marathon, an all-girls sports camp, and an all-women’s triathlon. Each event focuses on providing a positive environment for people to experience sport for the first time and focuses on the positive benefits of sport, well beyond physical fitness.

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 Date:Wednesday, March 29
 Time:02:15 PM - 03:15 PM

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 Categories:Event Management
 Education Type:Industry Professional Development
 Speakers:Lisa Diven
 Target Audience:Destinations

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