April 23 - 26 2018 · Minneapolis, MN
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25th NASC Symposium
Chicago Northwest

Event Owner Education: Crisis Management*


Event Owners must be prepared in the most effective and efficient ways in which to handle a crisis.  In this session an experienced panel of Rights Holders will share crisis moments and their first hand experiences while teaching best practices on how to manage a crisis with the least impact to both the organizer and the attendees.  Additional discussion will include the "how to manage the political and PR side" of a crisis.

*Open to NASC Event Rights Holder members only.  No exceptions.

Time & Location:

 Date:Tuesday, March 28
 Time:10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

Additional Information:

 Depth:All Levels
 Education Type:Industry Professional Development
 Target Audience:Event Owners

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