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Event Planning

E-book: A to Z Guide to Organizing a Sports Event
Author: Bill Hanson
© 2015 Sports Planning Guide
Are you responsible for planning an upcoming sporting event, but don't know how to get started? Trying to take your event to the next level? Increase participation or sponsorship? This guide provide the tools needed by a sport organization that wants to conduct a successful, sustainable event. Authored by Bill Hanson, a 42 year industry veteran, his event management experience includes the sport operations of the AAU Junior Olympic Games, U.S. Olympic Festival, professional soccer and numerous NCAA, NGB and local youth competitions. Bill is a past chairman of the National Association of Sports Commissions.

The Bid Book: Matching Sports Events and Hosts, Published April 2013
Author: David Walmsley
© 2013 SportBusiness Group

The Bid Book is a new report that explores these issues and contradictions from the perspective of both bidders and rights holders and identifies some of the directions in which they are likely to play out. Its analysis is based on a comprehensive survey of more than 3,300 major events staged over the past 10 years and draws out some key trends in areas such as: 

  • The world’s leading host cities and nations
  •  The changing balance of hosting between continents 
  • The success of international federations in taking their championships to the world 
  • The expansion of global series’ calendars 
  • The accessibility of rights to multi-sport Games 
  • The evolution of bidding processes

Volunteers: A Key Ingredient to a Successful Event
By Bill Hanson, San Antonio Sports, Sports Planning Guide and Directory, September 2010
Volunteers are the foundation of nearly every successful nonprofit organization and competition organizing committee. This article outlines factors involved in organizing a volunteer program that will support large-sized activity or competition, and in maintaining it to support future events and activities.

For sports events, CVBs step up to the plate
Small Market Meetings, March 2010
Sports organizers find that working with a CVB can be like hiring extra staff - without signing a paycheck.

The Race is On
Small Market Meetings, December 2008
Small towns become heavy hitters in the sports arena.

Budgeting for Sports Events
Bill Hanson, San Antonio Sports
PrepTraveler, Spring/Summer 2007
While wanting to conduct an athletic event in support of an amateur organization is admirable, getting a grip on the financial side must be the first priority. Whether you represent a sports commission, a CVB or local youth team, putting yourself or your organization in financial debt is no way to keep you job or keep a good relationship with your fellow team parents.

Q & A Interview with Don Schumacher 
SportsTravel Magazine, April 2007
The executive director of the National Association of Sports Commissions weighs in on issues confronting host cities and the growth of the sports-event industry.

Bringing Events Back to the US
Sport Cities and Venues, October 2006
Sport Cities and Venues asked three American sport city leaders to share their views on this question: What do you believe are the main challenges American cities face in attracting major sporting events to the USA? Chris Frye, Don Schumacher and Rob Cohen give their views on the world's biggest sporting sponsorship market.

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