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Welcome to the "Best Of SportsEvents Magazine"! SportsEvents Magazine is published to help sports events planners be more effective, informed and successful with their events and competitions. Click on any of the article titles below to open a .pdf file of the full article.

6 Ways to Build Local Support For Your Events
Issue: February 2012
Summary: This article identifies six ways to build local support for your events and is a must-read for any sports event planner!  The six ways that are addressed in the article are: 1) Find the right match, 2) Partner with local clubs, 3) Build off another successful event, 4) Connect with influential local leaders, 5) Seek local sponsors, and 6) Make use of local media.

Issue: July 2011
Summary: In today’s economy, families are looking for every way to stretch the dollar, and combining sports travel with the family vacation is one way to do that. “Families research what there is to see and do before, during and after a tournament. With the economy the way it is, sometimes it’s the only way that some families will have a vacation,” said Teresa Parmenter, governor of the Iowa Amateur Athletic Union of the United States (AAU). Cities, resorts and planners we spoke to for this article had suggestions about how to make the best of a “sport-cation.”

2011 Market Report
Issue: March 2011
Summary: For most market sectors in the United States, 2010 was a comeback year. Companies and families adjusted to a confusing economic environment that offered somewhat of a rebound while at the same time threatened to double-dip back into a recessionary trend. Fortunately for the sports events marketplace, no comeback was needed as our industry has managed to hold its own during the last few tumultuous years.

HELPING HANDS: Why Sports Commissions & CVBs Will Work So Hard For You
Issue: December 2010
Summary: This special feature focuses on why CVBs & Sports Commissions will go above and beyond to successfully host sports events. NASC Executive Director, Don Schumacher, CSEE, and many NASC members share their knowledge and expertise in this 11 page special feature.

2010 Market Report
Issue: March 2010
Summary: Despite mixed signals about the strength of the U.S. economy, the sports events industry remains mostly upbeat while anticipating a modest level of growth in 2010, according to results of the fifth annual SportsEvents trends and economic impact study for the North American sports events industry. Even with a mix of good news and bad news, the stability and staying power of the sports events marketplace compared to many others in the United States might be reason enough to be downright bubbly.

This year’s market analysis continued our annual survey of the two key elements of the sports industry: event planners and destination marketing officials. The event planners included event owners; rights holders; sanctioning bodies of national, regional and local competitions; and other event organizers. Destination officials included sports commissions and convention and visitors bureaus (CVB). The survey was conducted in person, through the mail and online to our readers who are primarily sports event planners (the first group), and in cooperation with the National Association of Sports Commissions (NASC) to destination marketing leaders.

10 Do's and Don'ts For Planning Sports Events
Issue: June 2009

Summary: As a sports event planner, you can benefit from others with experience in the industry. Industry peers can provide insight into some of the same challenges you’re facing and share the tools and techniques that worked—along with some that didn’t—for their events that could also work for your events. SportsEvents talked with several industry professionals in developing a “Do’s & Don’ts Playbook” for planning sports events. While they all may not apply to your events, we’re certain you’ll learn something valuable from the do’s and don’ts offered by these industry professionals who have “been there, done that,” as Jon Schmieder, president of the Phoenix Regional Sports Commission and 2009-2010 chair of the National Association of Sports Commissions, said. “Even after more than 12 years in the industry, I still lean on a lot of respected leaders in the industry to guide me.”

2009 Market Report
Issue: March 2009

Summary: For the fourth straight year, SportsEvents has conducted a survey of the economic impact and current trends in the sports event industry in North America. While many industries are reporting record losses and mass layoffs, the sports event industry is standing strong amidst the worst recession since the Great Depression.


Interested in seeing more?  To receive a complimentary subscription of the magazine or to learn more about discounted advertising opportunities, visit http://www.sportseventsmagazine.com/.

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