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Information-sharing is one of the cornerstones on which the NASC was founded.  NASC members have access to many resources to help them get their share of the sport tourism industry.

Event Research

Economic Impact Calculator

This calculator assists NASC members in predicting economic impact prior to bidding on an event, and provides the estimated economic impact produced by an event. The calculator is FREE for NASC members. Use the Economic Impact Calculator. (Login required)

Event Calendar

Member organizations can add BOOKED EVENTS to the calendar.  This tool is beneficial for both rights holders and host organizations.  The calendar can be utilized to gather historical data on events listed within.  The calendar is FREE for NASC members. View Calendar (Login required)

Event Database

NASC rights holder members post their events available for bid in the NASC Event Database.  NASC active members may search the database by event name, bid deadline, organization name or sport to find events to bid on. The event database is FREE for NASC members. View Database (Login required)

Reports and Articles

NASC Reports

The NASC conducts reports each year to provide data for our members that will improve the quality of the events they own and host.  Topics of our published reports include: Report on Sport Tourism Industry, State of the Industry Report, Economic Impact, Site Selection, Salary and Benefits, and the State of the Industry. NASC reports are free for members to download. View Reports. (Login required)

SGMA Reports

Through a partnership with SGMA, the NASC is able to provide valuable data and annual reports produced by the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association (SGMA).  Reports that NASC members are able to download free of charge include Sports Participation in America and U.S. Trends in Team Sports.  NASC members are also able to view the NASC/SGMA 2009 Amateur Sporting Event Study, a co-branded study conducted to analyze the state of the amateur sporting event industry. View Reports (Login required)

Industry Articles

Looking for reports, research, facts or figures on the sport tourism industry?  The NASC has complied a library of articles, research, and reports to aid in your everyday business. Click on the any of the topics below to view articles on a specific topic. View more.

Peer-to-Peer Resources


The Mentoring Committee consists of volunteer NASC members with over 100 years of collective experience who are ready to serve all NASC members as an exclusive member-only benefit. The goal of the committee is to educate the general membership on not only the value of the NASC, but to expose members to the vast amount of experience and know-how available from within its own ranks. View more.

Message Board

Looking for advice on a certain topic or best practices that fellow members follow?  Ask your questions on the member message board to get feedback and advice.  Or just browse through the message board to find new ideas. View more. (Login required)

Models & Samples

Who has time to re-invent the wheel? This collection of models and samples, used by real host organizations, event organizers, and industry partners, is designed to generate ideas and save you time. Feel free to adapt to your needs or adopt it as is!  View more. (Login required)

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