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2017 NASC Sports Event Symposium in Sacramento, CA

Categories of Membership

Membership in the NASC is granted to an organization that meets the criteria as outlined for the three categories. Each member shall designate the principal executive or another individual within the organization to serve as the primary contact provided that individual is responsible for sports-related activities. Membership privileges, except for those relating specifically to the contact person information, extend to all employees of a member organization.  

Membership Category: Active    Join Now

Description:An organization located in a given city, metropolitan area or urban unit , region, state, nation, commonwealth, territory, or other political subdivision (each, for purposes of the Association's Articles of Incorporation and these Bylaws, a "community") which solicits and services sports events, sports organizations, and sports facilities and other types of sports-related activities in that community. 

Dues: $795

Membership Category: Allied   Join Now

Description: Organizations, to include multi-sports organizations, colleges and universities and the like and persons or firms providing equipment, services, or attractions to the field served by Association (i.e., sports marketing companies, consulting and/or architectural firms, sports equipment manufacturers, facility management or food service companies, conferences, leagues, and similar organizations).

Dues: $795

Membership Category: Rights Holder   Join Now

Description: Organizations, firms or persons which hold rights to events and activities within the purposes and field of activity of the Association.

Dues: $100

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