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Palm Beach County Sports Commission

Site Visits: Ten Tips for outdoor sports venues hosting potential event owners

 February 28 2017

1.  Mother Nature might have a say.  If it’s pouring rain, your event owner may not be jazzed about walking your soccer fields, so be ready with a covered cart or a windshield tour.

2.  Actions speak louder. Invite potential clients to SEE an event happening at your venue.

3.  Give them space. Event owners might like to roam on their own, talk amongst themselves, get opinions while on site.

4. Let them eat cake…. locally. Showcase your community with a meal that lends itself to good conversation. Buy dessert!

5. Meet the Fam. Include operations staff, turf specialists, maintenance and office coordinators to visit with event owners.

6. Find your “no”.  You don’t have to say yes to every request. If something won’t work for your venue, say so.  Then explain.

7. Overpromising is never good. Never. Ever. Be realistic.

8. We ALL want you. Showcase your community, hotels, what makes your sports destination unique?

9. Mind your industry manners. Thank you’s and follow-ups are expected. 

10. Watch for the round hole/square peg.  If at the end of the day, it’s not a good idea, hey, that’s reality.  Why not offer up a referral to a friendly competitor who could return the favor in the future?


Jana Clark, Elizabethtown Sports Park
Mentoring Committee


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