2015 NASC Symposium

CSEE Spring 2015 Module

Building Your Brand

Presented by Stacey Watson,Senior Director, Retail Development and HDCX Services, Harley-Davidson ® Motor Company

Monday, April 27th - 11:30am - 4:00pm CT

 Harley-Davidson Museum ®

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Bus loading begins at 11:30 a.m. from the 4th & Wells entrance of the Wisconsin Center.

About the Module

The focus for CSEE in the spring module will be branding. Where better in Milwaukee to learn the ins and outs of brand development, extensions, protection and expansion than at the home of one of America’s most iconic brands: Harley-Davidson.

Lunch and the CSEE session will be held in a meeting room at the Harley-Davidson Museum ®. After a presentation by Stacey Watson, Director, Retail Development and HDCX Services at Harley Davidson, you will be sent on a series of tasks in the museum itself. Important elements of the brand story can be found in the museum, and you will be required to complete a series of tasks that support points made in the presentation.

Harley-Davidson has had many ups and downs over the past century, but the brand remained paramount in every step taken to preserve the company and its products. These efforts had to survive the depression, a world war, and acquisition by another automotive brand. After regaining its independence, H-D has never looked back as it continues to grow and extend their brand.

Some of the issues discussed will include knowing what you are, the importance of experiential marketing, personalization of the brand, how to tell your story, building brand loyalty and repeat customers.

Once the tasks are complete a discussion will take place on key learnings, including the importance of engaging the customer in activities that reinforce the purchase decision.

About the Presenter

Stacey Watson is Senior Director of Retail Development and HDCX (Harley-Davidson Customer Experience) Services at Harley-Davidson Motor Company. In this role, Stacey leads the global development of strategy, processes, tools and actions to deliver great customer experiences that are authentically and unmistakably Harley-Davidson. Responsibilities include Customer Relationship Management, eCommerce, Customer Contact Centers, Retail Environment, Technical Service & Warranty, Dealer Management Systems and Harley-Davidson University. Read Full Bio

Graduate Benefits
  1. Expanded repertoire of best practice skills
  2. Awareness and use of leading-edge industry knowledge and applications
  3. Recognition of achievement from the industry and professional peers
  4. Influential peer to peer networking and personal camaraderie
  5. Demeanor of personal accomplishment and confident leadership


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