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NASC Strategic Consulting Services

Types of Services

Prices vary based on the scope of the study.  Each study is customized for your market as a result of site visits, interviews, and industry knowledge from more than 80 years of combined experience.  For more information about consulting services, contact Don Schumacher, Executive Director, at 513.281.3888.

Feasibility Studies

These are usually two stage projects: a market analysis followed by a financial analysis. Our approach allows the client to decide at the end of each stage whether sufficient potential exists to go to the next stage. Our team has analyzed indoor and outdoor sports complexes, arenas, stadiums, aquatic facilities,motor sports complexes, and the potential economic impact of the recommended approach.  
Facility Audits

We can inspect and evaluate your current facilities and show you which sports and at which age levels you should focus your sales efforts and why. We are able to evaluate current facilities and recommend modifications or improvements to make them more productive. If you are considering new facilities we are able to evaluate what will produce more room nights and explain why.

Market Analysis

The normal first step in a feasibility study is a market analysis. We have found that some clients prefer to conduct a market analysis without committing to a full feasibility study. This permits a close look at whether sufficient local, regional and national demand exists to support the project. Decisions can then be made on whether to proceed to a complete financial analysis.

It is always important to note that any proposed new facility must generate enough local and regional business to stay open between hosting events that will produce visitors and resulting economic impact.

A market analysis avoids reliance on the over-used term “if you build it they will come.” In our business that is almost never the case. It takes much more planning to insure success, and we know the steps to follow to give you the answers to the tough questions.
Economic Impact
Each of our studies can include estimates as to the number of annual events and the potential for visitor spending so you can select the best approach.

We have written a white paper on the economic impact of sports events, assisted in the development of the NASC Economic Impact Template, and presented many different talks and seminars on the subject. We understand direct spending, multipliers, displacement,the differences in travel behavior between different sports and age levels and projected potential returns from a variety of approaches.

Strategic Planning

We have written and executed every strategic plan since the inception of the NASC, and did the same for one of the most successful sports commissions in the country. We have led planning sessions focused on goal development and the strategies needed to reach measurable goals. Because we have so much experience in the sports event travel industry our advice is always on target and appropriate.
Advertising and Marketing

With the experience we have accumulated, you can call on us to assist in the development of your marketing plan. Whether the question is about the types of media to consider, how to evaluate reach and frequency and choose the best approach for the situation, or advise on negotiations with advertising or PR agencies, we can help.

Meetings and Events

Our staff has planned and presented twenty annual meetings of the NASC, created and launched market segment meetings, and are rolling out a series of regional workshops. We have staged countless media conferences and have planned and presented over a hundred sports events.

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