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Countdown to 2015 Symposium

NASC Strategic Consulting Services

Training Seminar

The NASC has developed a training package which provides a complete overview of the sports event travel industry and the many different choices you will need to address as you decide on the strongest, most appropriate approach to this very special market segment.
This training package is based upon 30 years of experience creating and running a sports commission, bidding on and presenting sports events, managing stadiums and arenas, managing the National Association of Sports Commissions, consulting on a wide variety of sports facilities, and helping other cities develop their own sports event travel market programs.  

Subjects that will be covered include:

  • Industry background       
  • Getting started           
  • Strategic planning       
  • Features/benefits of your area   
  • Corporate structure       
  • Fundraising           
  • How to find events       
  • Creating your own event   
  • Local communications      
  • Economic impact of events  
  • Think sales!     
  • The business of sport
  • Setting a direction
  • Developing the plan
  • Organizational issues
  • Scope of work
  • Things to keep in mind
  • How to bid
  • Finding sponsors
  • Member benefits
  • Helpful tips

This training takes about 1 ½ days.  Ideally, four to eight or so of those who are certain to play key roles in the project will go through the entire process.  We provide training manuals for each participant. 

Our fee is $5000 plus travel expenses at actual cost (no markup).

For more information about consulting services, contact Don Schumacher, CSEE, Executive Director, at 513.281.3888.

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