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May's Featured Member Benefit – NASC Playbook

 May 25 2016
We continue our Featured Benefit for the month of May with a blog post on the NASC Playbook. The NASC Playbook is the official quarterly publication of the NASC and is mailed to each member organization. The NASC Playbook is published in March, June, September and December each year. Content includes association updates, member news, and industry trends and best practices for the sport tourism industry. In an effort to enhance the overall content of The NASC Playbook, we like to include peer-written articles in future editions. NASC members have a knowledge of the industry, which lends itself to unprecedented expertise. We encourage you to share your expertise with your peers thr...

Summer sports season around the corner

 May 23 2016
For many of you, whether you’re an events rights holder or operate a sports venue, this is your Christmas season—it’s your busiest, most frantic time of the year as schools let out and summer sports organizations kick into high event gear. You’ll be working on multi-session, multi-day tournaments and won’t be able to catch your breath until the last champion is crowned. So this is a good time to remind all of us, in between cursing the rain, the broken popcorn maker and the late t-shirt delivery, why we do what we do in sports, especially youth sports. Earlier this year, Fortune Magazine published an article, “Here’s Why Women Who Play Sports Are...

The BIG business of sports

 May 16 2016
If, as they say, everything is bigger in Texas, well this should fit nicely. A high school in Texas has plans to build a $62.8 million football stadium, and it’s not alone in its plans for bigger and better facilities. The Dallas Morning News reports that the school board in McKinney, Texas, outside of Dallas, this month approved a $220 million bond proposal for the district, including the construction of a 12,000 seat, $62.8 million football stadium. Now, McKinney isn’t the first to do this. In fact, the Katy, Texas, Independent School District has proposed a 12,000 seat facility that is expected to cost anywhere from $58 million to $61 million. And the Allen Independent Sch...

Upcoming Best Practices and Event Webinars – Register Now

 May 11 2016
Check out our line-up of best practices and event webinars below and reserve your spot today! Financing Sport Tourism & Recreation Assets, Part II Best Practices Webinar Wednesday, May 25, 2016 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ET Presented by Don Schumacher Register Now! Join NASC Executive Director, Don Schumacher, CSEE as he presents a follow up to the Financing Sport Tourism session that was presented in Grand Rapids, MI during the 24th NASC Symposium. During this webinar, Don will discuss proven methods, critical elements, and insight to demystify the financing process for new sports venues. This is a webinar for those with an interest in new project development and those desiring to br...

Changing the Game for Youth Sports

 May 9 2016
An interesting website, www.changingthegameproject.com, posted an interesting article recently called “How Adults Take the Joy out of Sports (And How We Can Fix It).” The article opens with a youngster playing soccer, almost frozen on the field as his coach is instructing him to do one thing, and his dad is yelling at him to do another. Not knowing which way to turn, the player does nothing. We’ve talked before about how kids often lose the joy of playing sports, and parents can be to blame for that. The article states that many kids quit when the enjoyment, one of three key components along with autonomy and motivation, is gone. The article also talks about a great exa...

The Greatest Spectacle in – Cricket?

 May 4 2016
For Indianapolis, a city known for its upcoming Indianapolis 500, often referred to as “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing,” it may have seemed a bit out of context when Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard talked in 2013 about having cricket as a viable sport for Indy. But out of that talk grew a nearly $6 million project to create a complex that would hold the event on the city's far east side. Out of that came the Indianapolis World Sports Park, a 40-acre former city park that turned into an international sports complex capable of holding local, regional, national and international cricket, rugby, lacrosse and hurling events. So, the logical question might be—why cricket?...

April's Featured Member Benefit – Models & Samples

 April 28 2016
We continue our Featured Benefit for the month of April with a blog post on Models and Samples. Who has time to re-invent the wheel?  Our collection of models and samples, used by real destinations, event organizers, and industry partners, is designed to generate ideas and save you time. Feel free to adapt to your needs or adopt it as is! Below is a list of the models & samples we currently have available. ·        Bid Scoresheet Template  ·        Bylaws  ·        Event RFPs  ·        Facility Spe...

Upcoming Best Practices and Event Webinars - Register Now

 April 20 2016
Check out our line-up of best practices and event webinars below and reserve your spot today! Asian Basketball Championships of North America Event Webinar Sponsored by MGM Resorts International Tuesday, April 26, 2016 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ET Presented by Mike Mon Register Now!   Join Mike Mon from Asian Basketball Championships of North America as he shares information on what he looks for in a host city and what it takes to host their events. Asian Basketball Championships of North America is currently accepting bids for 2017, 2018 and 2019. There will be time at the end of the presentation for questions. If you are unable to join us on the 26th, remember you ...

You're home from the Symposium ... Now what?!

 April 14 2016   Bob Murdock, Connecticut Convention & Sports Bureau
You have some excellent leads and RFPs that you received during your appointments and while networking at the Symposium.  Now the work really starts.  Here are some ideas on what to do next.  We are in a relationship business.  Follow-up by mail, email or with a phone call to the people that you met at the Symposium and even those with whom you were interested in meeting but were unable to connect due to scheduling issues.  Reach out to your community to get your local partners, facilities and sports experts involved in the RFP evaluation and bid process.  Review the RFPs or information that you received and investigate if the event is a match for your commun...

What we learned at the NASC Sports Event Symposium

 April 13 2016
What a week it was in Grand Rapids! We want to thank everyone who attended the 24th NASC Sports Event Symposium. We had a blast and we hope you did too, but we also hope you took something (or many somethings) away from your meetings and networking during the week that will help you now that you’re back in the office. We learned lots during our week in Grand Rapids, including:    You love our educational components. We heard time and time again that you appreciate the educational opportunities that NASC offers, not just at meetings (like the CSEE program) but links and contacts that are available 24/7 on the NASC website. We hope more of you can take advantage of any ...
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